garrick lee (
Sat, 25 Mar 2000 21:07:17 -0800 (PST)

er...aaron, if you thought i was saying you didn't
understand 0080, i apologize. that wasn't my intent.


--- wrote:
> > Exactly. All Gundams DO acknowledge the horrors of
> war, but they also
> > acknowledged that mecha war can be exciting as
> well. 0080 was the only one
> > to move against the grain and patently refuse to
> show too much mecha action.
> > Whether it succeeded as a piece of entertainment
> is up to the viewer, of
> > course.

i watched 0080 expecting a lack of mecha battles. i
wasn't disappointed. as david said, it refused to
show glamorous mecha action, and i liked it.

> While 0080 had a great
> story, it sacrifices mecha battles.

not "sacrifice". it intentionally merely glossed over
the mecha battles.

> 0080's story
> could have been told without
> any mecha battles.

well, not really. in other genres, the mechs would be
substituted for tanks, fighters or maybe guymelefs. :P

> Yes, I think it was too. But we live the civilian
> life and we know what its
> about. I like Gundam because it tells about
> soliders, something I do not live
> or have ever lived, on a daily basis. If I want a
> civilin story, I'll watch a
> sit com or a real life drama.

uhhhhhh... sit coms??? ick.

it's not merely civillian life, it's civillian life in
the gundam world that we want to know about.
civillian life in space colonies, and what happens if
they're too nosy and get involved in a war.


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