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Gundam HG Web G-Goods magazine reported more detailed info about the Toy
Show products. Here are the ones I thought might be of interest...

- Very Limited edition Chogokin Kadosenshi G-3 Gundam will be released
in May for 4500yen as part of the 20th Century Toy Museum event. This
item will only be available from selected department stores in the Osaka
area. The weathering effects on the RX-78-2 was unpopular with Japanese
fans and will be omitted from the G-3.

- Hakokichi? Action Go-kin Z Gundam series
This is the first time Gundam products will be available through these
machines. Hakokichi? is an more upmarket version of Gashapon but since
you are guaranteed a MS, unlike the Gashapon machines, it is closer to
a true vending machine although which MS you get is still determined by
luck. Each MS costs 1000yen and will be available in May.

5 MS will be available initially: Z Gundam, Gundam MkII (Titans, AEUG),
Rick Dias (Red, Black)
In addition to the full colour versions, silver versions will also be

Z Gundam 1200yen - available in May.
Wing Gundam 1200yen - available in June.
GM&Ball will come as a set at 1200yen - available in July.
BigZam will be released in Autumn, unfortunately price is not yet set.

Other MSiA annoucements
Special paintwork releases - Kunio Ookawara illustration version
Also a special promotional Casval's Gundam in conjunction with ASCII (A
game software company)

-SD Gundam [Digiboard Mission] simulation game
The set includes electronic gameboard, 8 MS gamepieces containing micro
chips, 2 'home' base units at 6500yen - scheduled for Summer release.

Additonal MS gamepieces will be available separately.

Gamepiece position, status/info, battle etc are all handled
electronically and details are displayed on a LCD screen. The game also
features sound effects as well as character voices!

- 'Gundam The Ride - Space fortress A-Bao-A-Qu' A new amusement park
Due to open in July at the Fujikyu Highland Amusement park near the base
of Mt Fuji, ~90min from Tokyo by car.

Fully experience the OYW's final battle through brand new CG animation
on the latest 300inch big screen with 3D surround sound. The ride seats
60 and lasts ~5min. If you are less than 110cm (4ft) tall you can
forget about it. : ) I expect the ride to be something similar to the
Star Wars ride at Disneyland.

CG animation is directed by Nobuhiro Kondo, mechanical designs by Kunio
Ookawara and Kimitoshi Yamane, art direction by Shigemi Ikeda,
Supervised by Yoshiyuki Tomino. Produced by Sunrise and handled by
Sotsu Agency.

In conjunction with the Gundam ride, the park will also open a new shop
entirely dedicated to Gundam goods - 'Store Gundam'. This shop will
become Japan's largest Gundam goods shop and will feature over 1500
product lines! including store original goods.

 Here is Fujikyu Highkland's English page
It doesn't contain anything about the Gundam ride yet but it will when
it opens. You can read about the world record breaking Fujiyama
rollercoaster in the mean time. Also it has directions on getting to the
amusement park should you find yourself in Japan after July. : )

The Japanese Gundam ride page doesn't contain much more than what I
wrote above but it does contain one small picture


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