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> So, there's no sequal to 0083? I can't help wishing for a
> sequal to 0083.

No. 0083 is basically to show how Zeta's Titan came to be.

> It had awesome mecha battles and a great story. I also hope we
> get another UC
> series. 0083 is my current favorite, though all I've seen is the Movie
> trilogy, 0080, 0083, the first 6 08th MS Team episodes and the first 20
> episodes of Wing. 08th is my second favorite and Wing is my
> third. I don't
> know what to think of 0079, because I haven't seen the series. I
> like 0079,
> but need more details then what the movies provide.

0083 has good battle, but is a bit short in terms of scope. Both Zeta and
Victory managed to be extremely gutwrending due to Tomino's habit of killing
characters (both sides) for maximun emotional effect (both Zeta & Victory
are extremely brutal in the sheer number of character who dies).

> Is Zeta any good? What is it basically about. Is just about
> Amuro and Char
> or does it have other themes is well?

Well, it's NOT about Amuro & Char if that's what you're looking for, that's
what Char's Counterattack is for. No, Zeta Gundam in many way an inverse of
MS Gundam, where most aligances got inverted (Extremist member of EFF
embodied as Titan are now the villian, Spacenoids are now the good guys).
It's also the first chance for Tomino to go back and try Gundam story again,
(and this time with proper budget and no cancellation threats). With that
in mind, it managed to get pretty much everything it wants in.

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