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> Well, it would appear that Oakley North American Base is the Torrington base
> north. Since it's surrounding area have been devasted by the colony drop,
> it is a perfect proofing ground. Chuck Keith at the end was driving a
> captured Gelgoog Marine, late of Cima Fleet, so it would seem that Kou
> got his old job back.

  Yes, I finished watch the last four episodes yeasterday. Keith walked by in
the Gelgoog and gave Kou the peace sign. I thought that was a nice touch. It
seems the Zaku II's and Gelgoog don't look as mean or something in the hands
of good people, for some reason.

  So, there's no sequal to 0083? I can't help wishing for a sequal to 0083.
It had awesome mecha battles and a great story. I also hope we get another UC
series. 0083 is my current favorite, though all I've seen is the Movie
trilogy, 0080, 0083, the first 6 08th MS Team episodes and the first 20
episodes of Wing. 08th is my second favorite and Wing is my third. I don't
know what to think of 0079, because I haven't seen the series. I like 0079,
but need more details then what the movies provide.

  Is Zeta any good? What is it basically about. Is just about Amuro and Char
or does it have other themes is well?


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