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> Did Kou Urkai, from 0083, retire from MS piloting? I liked Kou a
> lot and am
> wondering if anything else after 0083 tells about him. Has there been a
> "sequal" to 0083, in any sense of the word?

Well, it would appear that Oakley North American Base is the Torrington base
north. Since it's surrounding area have been devasted by the colony drop,
it is a perfect proofing ground. Chuck Keith at the end was driving a
captured Gelgoog Marine, late of Cima Fleet, so it would seem that Kou Urkai
got his old job back.

> Yes, there sure is some evil characters in Gundam. Cima was
> pretty vicous and
> seemed evil to me. But is Cima really evil? I know some who are evil in
> Gundam, but can't remember names. The guy that tried to stop Kou
> from taking
> the GP-03, was pretty psycho. I don't see it as stealing, since
> Kou wanted to
> stop the colony drop, no matter he also wanted to fight Gato.

I don't consider Cima evil. Giren Zabi was evil. Jamitov Heimann was evil.
Cima was just another lapdog of evil.

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