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"Amuro...if my brother starts to act up...I want you to kill

That's probaly verbatim from the novels.

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> I finally managed to beat part 2 under Zeon, in 212 Turns since I'm so
> conservative ;) but man I kicked Axis and AEUG both in under 10 turns!
> Hehehe.
> Well, I raised the difficulty bar to normal(the default is easy) and
> a new game as the AEUG..and I must say that the game is a lot harder,
> there are 3 sides to start out with and you are the weakest of the three
> when you start. The enemies are a lot more aggressive, and a number of
> bases I have have already switched hans numerous times.
> The only bright side as playing as the AEUG is that I get both
> and Amuro...and I guess I'll get the rest of the Zeta cast once I can
> activate the event. The Pilots, and the 3 Rick Dias that I have have been
> really instrumental in me survuving this long. I mean heck, I won't even
> imagine of taking 2v1 odds otherwise. and Amuro kicks more ass than
> the 1YW era as well :)
> What is interesting is that in the AEUG I'm playing, the rest of teh
> Whitebase crew came over, even the ones that died during various events,
> like Ryu and Slegger. You get into some of the oddest discussions this
> and I was quite shocked about the conversaion between Amuro and Sayla
> she says "Amuro...if my brother starts to act up...I want you to kill
> him."..and its pretty fun to watch Bright and Slegger talk about Mirai as
> well ;)
> Oh is anyone having difficulties with beating the regular game? I can't
> offer turn specific hints, but I can give general strategies for the ones
> that need help... oh well :)
> WooJin Lee
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