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Sat, 25 Mar 2000 22:37:13 -0500

I finally managed to beat part 2 under Zeon, in 212 Turns since I'm so
conservative ;) but man I kicked Axis and AEUG both in under 10 turns!

Well, I raised the difficulty bar to normal(the default is easy) and started
a new game as the AEUG..and I must say that the game is a lot harder, since
there are 3 sides to start out with and you are the weakest of the three
when you start. The enemies are a lot more aggressive, and a number of
bases I have have already switched hans numerous times.

The only bright side as playing as the AEUG is that I get both Char(Quattro)
and Amuro...and I guess I'll get the rest of the Zeta cast once I can
activate the event. The Pilots, and the 3 Rick Dias that I have have been
really instrumental in me survuving this long. I mean heck, I won't even
imagine of taking 2v1 odds otherwise. and Amuro kicks more ass than during
the 1YW era as well :)

What is interesting is that in the AEUG I'm playing, the rest of teh
Whitebase crew came over, even the ones that died during various events,
like Ryu and Slegger. You get into some of the oddest discussions this way,
and I was quite shocked about the conversaion between Amuro and Sayla where
she says "Amuro...if my brother starts to act up...I want you to kill
him."..and its pretty fun to watch Bright and Slegger talk about Mirai as
well ;)

Oh is anyone having difficulties with beating the regular game? I can't
offer turn specific hints, but I can give general strategies for the ones
that need help... oh well :)

WooJin Lee woojin@rpgfan.com
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