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> I want everyone of the MS to be included, inc. Riah
> Army's Draken-E mini-MS! (wonder what scale will this
> one be?)

Yes, I forgot about this one. It would be neat as an MSiA.

> It'll be interesting to see how (future) 0083's MSiA
> will affect the sale of UniFive's 1/220 0083 MS
> figures, since MSiA has better quality, and UniFive is
> basically luring fans to buy ALL the 0083's mass-prod
> MS figures by not including all the necessary gadgets,
> such as arm shields for GMs and machine guns for
> mass-prod Gelgoog Marine. I think MSiA will be more
> attractive than UniFive's eventually.

I was thinking about getting the UniFive figures, but they are cheap looking
and don't have much articulation, so I passed on getting any.

With the MSiA's, for ones like tha various GM's and other mass-produced Fed.
and Zeon MS, they could either have an extra weapon pack set or include extra
weapons with the GMs. I'd like to see an MSiA weapon pack.

> Again I want all of the 08 mechas to be MSiA-ized,
> inc. Zaku Tank, Apsaras and Apsaras III ! (well we'll
> get BigZam, so why not the Apsarases?)

I got tired of listing possible MSiA's, all the 08 mecha would be nice. Since
we get the BigZam, I want an MSiA Gundam RX-78GP03 Gundam "Dendrobium
Orchis". Though the Unit 3's huge weapons platform/booster unit could be sold
by itself, to lower costs. Really the weapon/booster unit, isn't THAT big. In
MSiA scale, it wouldn't bigger then of of those old jets(the big ones) for
the 3 3/4 inch GI Joe's. If sold by itself, there's no need for it to be over
about $35 USD. I mean Yeah its big, BUT they are doing the BigZam! We need an
MSiA that can stand up to the BigZam, even if its not possible in the actual
Gundam series :)
The MA Neue Ziel would also be nice. It is so Zeon like, its uncanny. Its
excatly as Gato said, Its like its the Zeon spirit.


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