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> What show, in time line order, takes place after 0083? The Titans are
> announced at the end of 0083, so is Zeta the next show that continues the
> beginnings of the Titans?

No, the Titans are fully in control of the Earth Sphere at the beginning of
Zeta. Basically, the cream of Earth Federation Forces have split into 2
camps, the Earth-centric conspirator behind the event in 0083 became the
Titans with Earth Union Government the pro-Titan regime in charge of Earth
Federation. In response to Titans, AEUG (though the title might suggest
that AEUG are against EFF, but they are just against the Titans) was formed.
It also attracts a good deal of former Zeon military personals into its

> Since there's really no "good" or "evil" in Gundam. Are the
> Titans basically
> "good", "neutral", or "evil"? What excatly is the Titans?

Actually, there are definite evil within the Gundam continuum. Giren Zabi
doing his best Hitler impression during the OYW, the Titans, Angel Halo...
There are innocents and mostly good, but evil can be found everywhere.

The Titan is basically made up of EFF personnel who firmly believe the
absolute supremacy of Earth over the colonies. Their charter mission is to
destroy ALL anti-EFF threats, and they carried out that charter in brute
force. In many ways, Titans are based on the WWII German SS, who are
despised by the regular army, but are considered superior by the high

> I
> noticed that some
> of the Mecha pilots and crew of the Albion, at the end of 0083,
> where seen
> puttion on or wearing, those cool Titans uniforms.

Well, the Titan uniforms are a major improvement to EFF uniform, and
unfortunately, this is also sort of based on our reality where the SS
uniform are much more flashy than the regular WWII German Army uniform.

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