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> Exactly. All Gundams DO acknowledge the horrors of war, but they also
> acknowledged that mecha war can be exciting as well. 0080 was the only one
> to move against the grain and patently refuse to show too much mecha action.
> Whether it succeeded as a piece of entertainment is up to the viewer, of
> course.

Yes, I understand this as well, but part of what makes Gundam, Gundam is the
mecha battles and its story. Gundam without mecha battles, is just a war
story, that could be done without the Gundam name. Gundam without its story,
would be like everyother "me too" mecha show. Gundam was ground breaking when
it was first released, but now, if Gundam didn't have its story, it would be
just another mecha show.

What I like so much about Gundam, is that it has great mecha battles and a
great story and it never has to sacrifice either one. While 0080 had a great
story, it sacrifices mecha battles. 0080's story could have been told without
any mecha battles. Mecha battles is part of what makes Gundam, Gundam and its
also the ideals the Gundam robot itself stands for. The Gundam robot is meant
to imbodie these ideals. My point is if you just want a war story, go watch
one. I mean it seems you want Gundam to just be a war story, but it can't,
Gundam's also a mecha show. Gundam isn't Gundam without mecha.

> I think the show was trying to portray civilians instead of soldiers. In
> that, it succeeded. It showed their daily lives, their family, their
> friends. In a show about soldiers, I would agree that showing war is
> necessary. Plus, why cover the same ground over again? If you wanna see
> soldiers, 0083 and the original Gundam and Zeta would be perfect for you. I
> still like 0080, mostly because it tried to put a different spin on the
> Gundam world, as you know most Gundams are almost rehashes of one another.

Yes, I think it was too. But we live the civilian life and we know what its
about. I like Gundam because it tells about soliders, something I do not live
or have ever lived, on a daily basis. If I want a civilin story, I'll watch a
sit com or a real life drama.

I also like the fact that every Gundam show mixes drama, personal conflict,
war, mecha battles, personal relation ships(good or bad), a honarable ace
mecha/warrior duel/conflict, prototype mecha, etc., into a great story.
Without any of these elements, Gundam would fall into the good, "me too", but
not great catagory. Gundam always has a lot of postitve stuff in it, that
makes even the most depressing scenes look hopefull.

I don't want to go into a debate, but I will use Eva as an example. I have
only seen Volumes 1-5, but Eva seems awfully bleak and without hope, all the
time. Eva is good, but it needs postitive feelings in there, too. Life gets
bad sometimes, but it always gets better. Eva seems to say life is bleak and
it will never get better, because the worlds going to end. Eva's message
seems to try to negate some positive reasons for fighting. Gundam's message
seems to say, its bleak now, but the future is going to be better, so keep
fighting to make a better future. The Gundam pilot and he/she's support crew,
are fighting to make the world a better place.
> I'm not accusing you of not "getting" 0080. I'm trying to show a perspective
> different of the show from yours.

0080 tells the perspective you are trying to tell. See? It appears I do not
get this perspective you are trying to show, but I got this perspective you
are trying to show, by watching 0080.


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