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At 22:29 3/24/2000, you wrote:
>Japanese actually write 'aero' as 'e-a-ro' so it's probably meant to be
>'arrow' although that last 'o' looks out of place.
>-Z- wrote:
>> At 10:47 3/24/2000, you wrote:
>> >Is it "aro-" or "e-ro"?
>> The full katakana name is "Fu-Ra-I A-Ro-o".

My bad. I probably should've made it "A-Roo" or "A-Roh" or "A-Rou" -- the
"last 'o'" is actually the horizontal line character that doubles the
preceding vowel. Eight-bit ANSI characters don't seem to get through
intact, but the closest approximation would be "A-Rô"….

"Fly Arrow" it is, then.


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