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On Fri, 24 Mar 2000 22:41:25 EST, gundam@aeug.org wrote:

> >
> I will be 21 this June, age doesn't have anything to with I don't like
> much. I like 0080, but its not my favorite. Part of why you like Gundam
> because of the great mecha battles in Gundam, isn't it? I like Gundam
> of its story AND mecha battles. 0080's story could have stayed the same
> more mecha. Mecha does not hurt the story. All of Gundams stories are far

> more complex then just mecha and the horrors of war.

I guess. It seems you went into the story looking for something. So it could
be argued that it fails as a Gundam story because it does not appeal to the
fans as much. I liked its refreshing Un-Gundam approach.

> I understand that Gundam is supposed to show how bad war is, but Gundam
IS a
> mecha show. My point is, Gundam is fiction and the bot battles are in
> because they are cool and people like this stuff. Before I go further, I
> not trying to argue, I am trying to say what I mean.

Exactly. All Gundams DO acknowledge the horrors of war, but they also
acknowledged that mecha war can be exciting as well. 0080 was the only one
to move against the grain and patently refuse to show too much mecha action.
Whether it succeeded as a piece of entertainment is up to the viewer, of
> In order to show the actual reality of war, you have to either be in one
> see a nothing held back military documentary. Yes, I fully admit I like
> watch the mecha battles, but I cannot stand to watch boxing or another
> being, being hurt. I like great battles AND a great story and cannot
> slasher movies or gory fighting movies, because that type of violence is
> senseless and is there for violence sake.

I think the show was trying to portray civilians instead of soldiers. In
that, it succeeded. It showed their daily lives, their family, their
friends. In a show about soldiers, I would agree that showing war is
necessary. Plus, why cover the same ground over again? If you wanna see
soldiers, 0083 and the original Gundam and Zeta would be perfect for you. I
still like 0080, mostly because it tried to put a different spin on the
Gundam world, as you know most Gundams are almost rehashes of one another.
> It may not appear I get 0080, but I do understand 0080's story. If it
> seems I don't understand 0080, I don't care. I know in my heart I
> 0080, so it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

I'm not accusing you of not "getting" 0080. I'm trying to show a perspective
different of the show from yours.


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