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> Hola:
> Will anybody be kind enough to give a rookie a brief list of all GUNDAM
series ever made, in chronological order and w/ info on the relation each
have w/ onw other (i.e. what's a sequel and what's an alternate story)?
> Thanks in advance.
> PS:
> I do believe there should be a GUNDAM newsgroup! I've been browsing
through several NGs and found numerous GUNDAM posts - even on!!!!!!. Of course, must of them are about GW, the 'day's
topic'. Who knows how big the traffic will be after a few months, but still
I think it's a good idea, beside this list.

there are basically 4 incarnations of the Gundam seires, divided by
timeline. the UC which is the original series and spawned into many other
series, movies, OAVs, novels, comic books, and whatever medium they could
find to tell a story of one of the greates sci-fi war stories ever. UC
stands for Universal Century, the calendar year they use which marks the
dawn of the time when man started colinizing space. here are the series in
chronological order....

a. Mobile Suit Gundam (also called 0079) - TV series, later compiled into a
movie trilogy
b. Gundam 0080, War in a pocket - OAV
c. Gundam 0083 Stardust Memories - OAV
d. Zeta Gundam - TV series
e. Double Zeta Gundam - TV series
f. Gundam Sentinel - (forgot if it's a TV series or comic book, obviously I
haven't seen this, just heard of it)
g. Char's Counterattack - movie
h. F91 - movie
i. V Gundam (also called Victory Gundam) - TV series

of course there are others but there are the most famous, most talked about,
and easily accessible if you want to watch/read about it. the story is
related to one another because each series is sort of a continuation of the
past one or at least contributes to the overall outcome of the entire series
in the end.

the second is G Gundam, I forgot what they call the timeline here but the
story is more or less a Street Fighter type with Gundams slugging it out.
this is the first alternate universe Gundam and the story has no relation to
the UC series at all.

the third is Gundam Wing which occured in the After Colony timeline. again,
although the circumstances are the same as the UC stories, it is an entirely
different story and has no relation with UC or G Gundam. even the
historical background are different.

the fourth is Gundam X, taking place in the After War (AW) era. I haven't
seen this one so I don't know what it's about.

currently running in Japan is Turn-A Gundam. aside from introducing a
unique Gundam design, it aims to reconcile the 4 Gundam timelines into one.

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