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> A crude MS(compared to the technology in Gundam) could be made. Its not
> really a matter of could it be made, but rather cost. It would cost a
> to build a prototype MS. All the computers, circuit boards, metal, etc.
> build one is what makes it cost so much to make an MS.
> Whoever builds a giant robot, exo suit or whatever first, will have a
> millitary advantage and political leverage.

my two cents on this....

I think having a mecha right now won't give anyone and advatage. I don't
think a 50-foot tall fighting machine would be any different than a tank or
a warplane and the cost would be astronomical. one point is that it being
huge can be easily targeted. militaries right now are researching into
stealth techonology in order to strike without being detected. and I don't
think a huge humanoid machine will acomplish that. the only reason the
mobile suits were created in the Gundam world was because of the discovery
of Minovsky Particles that makes radar useless. thus powerful, hightech
weaponry for close range combat need to be created. there were already huge
space vessels of mass destructions such as battle cruisers in the Gundam
universe. they need something small yet powerful since big ships can easily
be detected by infra-red or laser (I think in 0083 they use lasers to detect
other ships, the same laser they use to track speed in US highways).

another point is armor. there isn't available armor right now to shield
mechas. granting that you can move them fast, they'll still be lightly
shielded than most other war machines and getting hit by laser guided,
heat-seaking, or radar guided missles would put to waste the millions or
even billions of dollars of investment.

and my last point is fuel. in Gundam they have helium-3. what we have now
are either petrolium products or nuclear power. unless you're going with
Evangelion's idea and put batteries into your mecha and run it for 180
seconds, or have about a kilometer of powercable. you'll need a new
techonolgy for this, something that will have an efficient fuel that is
abundant and cheap.

Gundam has made a universe where mobile suits are practical. unfortunately
for mecha fans, at our current state ours isn't

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