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>The story might lack big scale battles but I think that's the whole approach
>that the creators were trying to head into.

        To me Gundam 0080: War in a Pocket, has a clearly defined and
consistent story, which is much better than Gundam 0083: Stardust Memories IMO.

        Given it's title, 0080 was never intended to be a System-wide war,
but more of a small operation of a greater war. In this aspect, I don't
honestly expect a great deal of combat.

        0083, OTOH, is about a System-wide plot to break the Federation's
control of the colonies. I expect and got big mecha battles, as appropriate
to the scale.

        I like 0080 because of its story, but I also like 0083 because of
the well-animated battles. If you want me to pick one of them as my
favourite though, I'll pick 0080.

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