Nicholas Paufler (
Sat, 25 Mar 2000 00:26:40 -0800

> Excatly. I am not bashing 0080, I just don't care for it. Its similar to
> because you do not care for Wing, it doesn't mean you are bashing it, its
> just thaat you don't care.
> I just shouldn't have to defend my views. I was civil and rational in
> why I don't care for 0080 and I was told I did not understand 0080 by
> someone. I understand 0080, but I don't like it.
I concur.
My biggest problem with 0080 was that it was a character story ... but I
hated the characters. Its pretty rare that there are characters that I trly
but all of them in 0080 really got on my nerves.
Especially, ESPECIALLY, the kid =P
I've got nothing against character stories ... but they darned well better
be good
characters :P

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