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> The story might lack big scale battles but I think that's the whole
> that the creators were trying to head into. To me, the more variations you
> have in the storytelling, the better you can keep the franchise alive.
> way they can get new fans from a particular gundam series and hopefully
> can grow to love the rest. If one fan doesn't like one particular serie
> doesn't mean he or she doesn't get the point of the story. I admitt that I
> don't like gundam wing mainly because the first portion of the series
> too much like a rip-off of the original gundam.(Although I hear the series
> gets better as the story progresses but I haven't got the chance to see
> rest.) Some GW fans misunderstood my statement and took it too personally
> and thought that I was bashing the series and the fans. If I did offend
> of these fans before then I'm here to apologize for it wasn't my intention
> to bash the fans. But I will continue to think GW is not one of the best
> gundam series IMOP. Unless there is some way I can get to watch the rest
> the series or get the GW fans to convince me otherwise ^_^ Just stick to
> whatever you like and keep those opinions pouring in. Afterall this is a
> where gundam fans can share their views on the show.

Excatly. I am not bashing 0080, I just don't care for it. Its similar to you,
because you do not care for Wing, it doesn't mean you are bashing it, its
just thaat you don't care.

I just shouldn't have to defend my views. I was civil and rational in telling
why I don't care for 0080 and I was told I did not understand 0080 by
someone. I understand 0080, but I don't like it.


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