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The story might lack big scale battles but I think that's the whole approach
that the creators were trying to head into. To me, the more variations you
have in the storytelling, the better you can keep the franchise alive. This
way they can get new fans from a particular gundam series and hopefully they
can grow to love the rest. If one fan doesn't like one particular serie
doesn't mean he or she doesn't get the point of the story. I admitt that I
don't like gundam wing mainly because the first portion of the series looked
too much like a rip-off of the original gundam.(Although I hear the series
gets better as the story progresses but I haven't got the chance to see the
rest.) Some GW fans misunderstood my statement and took it too personally
and thought that I was bashing the series and the fans. If I did offend any
of these fans before then I'm here to apologize for it wasn't my intention
to bash the fans. But I will continue to think GW is not one of the best
gundam series IMOP. Unless there is some way I can get to watch the rest of
the series or get the GW fans to convince me otherwise ^_^ Just stick to
whatever you like and keep those opinions pouring in. Afterall this is a ML
where gundam fans can share their views on the show.

>Subject: Re: [gundam] My thoughts on Gundam 0080 and 0083
>Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 22:46:49 EST
>In a message dated 3/24/00 8:37:48 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> writes:
> > well, i guess it's a matter of taste. 0080 is a very
> > small side story -- a boy gets a dose of war -- with
> > very few characters -- you won't get too many mechs in
> > the first place. and what he gets involved in is
> > really a minor operation (zeon point of view). it
> > follows that the mech battles are few and far in
> > between. you don't have dozens of cannon fodder mechs
> > blowing each other up for the sake of having a battle
> > scene, like in practically all mecha series -- where
> > is the horror of war in that?
>I give up, you seem to not fully understand what I am trying to express.
> >
> > between 4 guys and a test pilot, how much battles do
> > you expect?
>Not much
> >
> > i still think of 0080 as a mecha show, and consider it
> > exceptional *because* it doesn't go over the top with
> > mecha fighting. :)
> >
> > as for "the story could have been told without a
> > gundam", well, as some of the oldtimers say -- the
> > same could be told of the other gundam series. (in
> > the case of g gundam, it SHOULD have been told without
> > the gundams...:P)
>Then why are you watching Gundam? Its because despite what you just said,
>like mecha battles, don't you? A lot of people, like me, like Gundam
>of the story AND mecha.
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