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> Here is my MSiA Wish list. Feel free to make up your
> own as well. Bewarned, there will probably be some
> wishful thinking :) It would be nice if they get
> every Gundam MS as MSiA's, but I think I just went
> off the deep end :)
> 0080:
> Gog
> Kampfer
> NT-1 Gundam Alex with the pop up arm guns

I want everyone of the MS to be included, inc. Riah
Army's Draken-E mini-MS! (wonder what scale will this
one be?)

> 0083:
> There's so many nice mecha in this series, its
> ashame there's no kits of some of the lesser mecha.
> wish Bandai would put more effort into more then
> 0079

It'll be interesting to see how (future) 0083's MSiA
will affect the sale of UniFive's 1/220 0083 MS
figures, since MSiA has better quality, and UniFive is
basically luring fans to buy ALL the 0083's mass-prod
MS figures by not including all the necessary gadgets,
such as arm shields for GMs and machine guns for
mass-prod Gelgoog Marine. I think MSiA will be more
attractive than UniFive's eventually.

> 08th MS Team:
> RX-79[G] Gundam Mass-Production Ground Type
> RX-75 Guntank Mass-Production Type
> RX-79[G]EZ-8 Gundam Extra Zero-Eight "EZ-8"
> Gouf Custom

Again I want all of the 08 mechas to be MSiA-ized,
inc. Zaku Tank, Apsaras and Apsaras III ! (well we'll
get BigZam, so why not the Apsarases?)


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