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Rodrick Su writes,

>About what ball park number are talking about of Federation Forces's man

  Actually, guesses have been ventured on this subject. For example, the
admittedly dubious Entertainment Bible 39 says...

                    FEDERATION ZEON
  Pre-war 86 million 13 million
  Op. British 53,000 30,000
  Odessa (front) 3,700,000 900,000
         (rear) 4,000,000 80,000
  Post-war 36 million 3 million

  EB 39 claims Jaburo has a population of 450,000. Hobby Japan's Gundam
RPG expansion book also throws out guesstimates for the Zeon troops at
Solomon (100,000) and A Bao A Qu (180,000).

  By this reckoning, both the Federation and Zeon have about 1% of their
population under arms.

Neil Baumgardner writes,

>True. From what I can tell, we only have one indicator
>of the Federation and Zeon military's strength. 500
>million were killed in action during the battle of
>Raum, according to Z's timeline. That's on top of the
>2.5 billion colonists killed.

  The casualty figures for Ruum include military casualties. If half a
billion _soldiers_ were killed there, then more than 5% of the human race
would have been in the military - I don't think that's very feasible. :-)

>Now this begs a discussion of population numbers,
>something I recently struggled with when I was creating
>random origin tables for my Mekton game.

  Many years ago, the staff of Rapport set out to answer this question,
and came up with roughly the same figures you did. They arbitrarily made
Side 5 a double-sized Side, with 80 colonies and 2.5 billion inhabitants,
but I think it's easier to just ignore the 2.5 billion casualty figure
and reallocate the corpses as you see fit.

  I note that, in the original series, we're told that Side 3 has about
40 colonies and 150 million inhabitants. The latter figure is obviously
way too low, but if you multiply it by ten you get a reasonable 1.5
billion - an average of 37.5 million per cylinder, which is pretty
reasonable considering they have twice the surface area.

  This means that the other five inhabited Sides would have between 1.3
and 1.5 billion inhabitants each (depending on whether the total human
population is 11 or 12 billion at that point). Average population per
colony? 32.5 to 37.5 million, with half the living area of Side 3.

If we take the standard casualty figures - 2.8 billion from the opening
attacks, 200 million from the colony impact, and 2.5 billion from Ruum -
and shift a billion from Ruum to the first round of attacks, the numbers
make a lot more sense. Assuming a pre-war population of 12 billion total...

              PRE-WAR POST-WAR

  Earth 2.0 billion 1.8 billion <- 0.2 billion killed by colony drop
  Side 1 1.5 billion 0.35 billion <- 75% killed in first days of war
  Side 2 1.5 billion 0.35 billion <- 75% killed in first days of war
  Side 3 1.5 billion 1.5 billion <- Essentially no losses
  Side 4 1.5 billion 0.0 billion <- Totally destroyed
  Side 5 1.5 billion 0.0 billion <- Totally destroyed
  Side 6 1.5 billion 1.5 billion <- Essentially no losses
  Moon 0.8 billion 0.8 billion <- Essentially no losses
  Other 0.2 billion 0.2 billion <- Essentially no losses

  Total 12.0 billion 6.5 billion

  Since both combatants have less than 0.1 billion soldiers, I'm assuming
military casualties are insignificant here. The total pre- and post-war
populations can be twiddled up and down, but I'll leave that as an
exercise for the reader.

  And once again, I have to say it feels pretty weird to be blithely
number-crunching billions of fictional corpses. One of the very weird
things about discussing Gundam history...

-- Mark

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