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>To Z and anyone else who's been up to date on military tech:
>I've been reading the news release, there were some things that got me
>What are Haptic interfaces?

Tactile feedback controls, such as the force-feedback joystick.

>Also, there was some mention of actuators - it's a familiar term used in
>RPGs like battletech - what are those? They have something to do with joints

An actuator is any mechanical device for moving or controlling
something. In hydraulic or pneudralic systems, an actuator is usually a
piston rod. Worm gears, such as the one in the tail assembly of the Boeing
airliner that just got lots of press, are also considered actuators.

The device described in the Exoskeletons for Human Performance Augmentation
(EHPA) proposal is closer to the Bubblegum Crisis type battle suit or the
Heinlein powered armor than to a Mobile Suit or even a Gasaraki type
Tactical Armor. It is, in fact, on par with the MADOX 01 concept. I
expect that the first practical version will be something like the Power
Loader from Aliens, with the addition of a full-enclosure skin (not
necessarily armored and probably more akin to an airframe), force-feedback
controls, head-up display and basic weapon mounts.


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