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> Perhaps. How old are you? When I was a teen, I probably wouldn't have liked
> it either. While 0080's message is anything but subtle, it's still a rather
> understated atory. I think you will appreciate it more given a few years. It
> doesn't throw too much robot stuff at you because if it did, they would end
> up looking like hypocrites. If war is so bad, why throw too many exciting
> 'bot battles into the story? 0080 is about the people, and it pretty much
> tells you that you shouldn't LIKE the 'bot battles.

I will be 21 this June, age doesn't have anything to with I don't like 0080
much. I like 0080, but its not my favorite. Part of why you like Gundam is
because of the great mecha battles in Gundam, isn't it? I like Gundam because
of its story AND mecha battles. 0080's story could have stayed the same with
more mecha. Mecha does not hurt the story. All of Gundams stories are far
more complex then just mecha and the horrors of war.

I understand that Gundam is supposed to show how bad war is, but Gundam IS a
mecha show. My point is, Gundam is fiction and the bot battles are in there
because they are cool and people like this stuff. Before I go further, I am
not trying to argue, I am trying to say what I mean.

In order to show the actual reality of war, you have to either be in one or
see a nothing held back military documentary. Yes, I fully admit I like to
watch the mecha battles, but I cannot stand to watch boxing or another human
being, being hurt. I like great battles AND a great story and cannot watch
slasher movies or gory fighting movies, because that type of violence is
senseless and is there for violence sake.

Gundam is a war story, not a war documentary. Gundam shows the evil of wars,
the kindness and evil people are capable of, love, etc., etc. Its also about
mecha. Gundam wouldn't be Gundam without mecha. No matter how realistic it
is, Gundam was and still is, a mecha show, no matter what anyone else claims.
As is common knowledge among a lot of Gundam fans, Tomino's purpose was to
out do the Super robot shows, but creating something that is more story
driven, with more realistic giant robots. Gundams core is a mecha show and
will always be a mecha show at its core.

I guess my point is this, there's no way to show how bad a war is, unless you
experience one. I like mecha battles, but hope to never be in a real battle.
No one can fully understand how horrible a war is, unless you can experience
it in person, but I do understand how horrible a war is, but not fully,
because I have never been in one.

Why gets me is, why does everyone oh and awe about the mecha and battles, but
when I show that I like mecha battles and don't like 0080 because of this, a
lot of people say it isn't about the mecha? So we buy mecha kits and toys
because we LIKE the mecha, am I correct?, Yes. Yet I am not supposed to want
mecha battles? I just don't get it. 0083 has a lot of great battles and 0080
doesn't, all Gundam shows share a common thread, the story of people.

It may not appear I get 0080, but I do understand 0080's story. If it still
seems I don't understand 0080, I don't care. I know in my heart I understand
0080, so it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.


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