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Federico Makabenta wrote:

> To Z and anyone else who's been up to date on military tech:
> I've been reading the news release, there were some things that got me
> curious.
> What are Haptic interfaces?

It's a fancy word for the control system. Haptic interfaces translate human
touch/motion into an electonic signal for operating some device. In this case it
translate human motion into mechanical motion.

> Also, there was some mention of actuators - it's a familiar term used in
> RPGs like battletech - what are those? They have something to do with joints
> right?

Not necessarily just joints but it's a mechanical device which
moves/controls/operates something. eg you can have actuators that open&shut
valves etc.. I guess you could even consider a garage door opener as an
actuator. In robotics and mechs, the most obvious places to find actuators are
in the joints.


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