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> i think you missed the point of 0080.

No, I didn't, I understand the point of 0080.
> it's not supposed to be a mecha slugfest, but a
> character heavy little story to fill in on the facts
> here and there. a story that doesn't get lost in too
> many battle scenes.

I know all this. If its somethings done right, the story shouldn't be lost,
even if there's a batle every episode.

> that the mecha battles were short and sparse in
> between made them even more endearing, to me.

> doesn't blue destiny fall into this category?

Sort of, it deals more with a Gundam wannabe GM, then regualr GMs. It has
this Super GM with some kind of computer that won't let certain pilots pilot
it. This Super GM tears through enemies like its a Gundam. See what I mean?

I like Gundams and Super mecha and still want stories with Gundam(s) in it,
but it would be nice to have a GM anime side story that deals with normal GMs
and no super mecha.


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