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To Z and anyone else who's been up to date on military tech:

I've been reading the news release, there were some things that got me

What are Haptic interfaces?

Also, there was some mention of actuators - it's a familiar term used in
RPGs like battletech - what are those? They have something to do with joints

Thanks in advance,


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> Adam Ingram wrote:
> > Thought this was kind of interesting.
> >
> > http://www.darpa.mil/baa/baa00-34.htm
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> I've seen simpler human-powered prototypes undergoing military testing
> but that was a couple of years ago, and it obviously didn't make it into
> regular military use even though it fulfilled a lot of the criteria
> listed for this powered type with much simpler and cheaper design.
> I don't know if these things will ever reach a level that will be useful
> for general military use. Also the way things are heading with fighter
> aircraft, if these things were built, they will probably make them remote
> control or fully automated instead.
> Tet
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