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> If you are looking for action only, 0080 is not for you, that's what 0083 is
> for. If you are looking for good story, strong characters, 0080 is it.

I am not just looking for action, its just 0080 didn't have to be a Gundam
title to tell the story it tells. Gundam is a mecha show with great stories,
but it also is known for its great mecha battles.

See what I am saying? It just seems a few Zeon mecha and one Gundam where
thrown in, to justify it having the Gundam name. The Kampfer and Gundam Alex
are such well done mecha designs, that it seems ashame we couldn't see what
these mecha a capable. The battle in episode 1 of 0080, was very good,


The Kampfer was just completed and less then a minute later, the Alex blew it
to shreds.

========Spoiler Over=======

> As other have pointed out, not much happened at 0081 and 0082.

I know this, but when excatly did the One Year War end? There needs to be
something that tells about the end of the OYW. Something had to happen in
0081 and 0082, even if it wasn't millitary/war related.

> War isn't fun...

I know this. I said 0083 has a lighter tone, WITHOUT making war seem fun. I
wish people would read what I write.

As for more flashback story, 0085 is actually a good place
> to put it. The Titan has just began to become the jackboot thugs that we
> all love, and the AEUG is about to be formed.

Is 0085 a novel or manga or is this when Zeta takes place?


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