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Rodrick Su wrote:

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> > Quin Mantha - Ultimately the best i can think of, just imagine
> > char aznable
> > color scheme!
> Are you nuts? Quin Mantha is THE biggest mobile suit in all of Gundam
> continum, discounting Devil Gundam, final form. It is easily twice as large
> as RX78-2.

Hey, it's all in the box right? Heck the ZZ & the Dom's box was the biggest
bandai model box I saw.
So bandai will build a bigger one? They have the technology, what's wrong about

> > Psycho Gundam I & II - Hey, many loved it didn't they?
> >
> Once again, the transformation is just too complicated.

Hell bandai will do it! I know they will!

Besides, the transformations aren't that complicated if you observe it on an ms

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