mirai y (zafikel@hotmail.com)
Fri, 24 Mar 2000 11:26:27 EST

Mackenan wrote:

>Speaking of subbed GW, it'll only exist on DVD. Bandai will no longer be
>releasing subbed VHS. For those who have doubts, check www.bandai-ent.com
>there's only a listing for DVD and dubbed VHS. But, I don't really have to
>worry about that much...I have a DVD player =).

Thanks for the info! You know, this makes perfect sense to me. The subbed
videos were always more expensive than the dubs, and some places actually
sell the DVD's for less than the subs. I like the idea of having both the
subs and dubs, because I prefer raw Japanese but the kids always prefer
dubs. (They find subs too bothersome to read)

I pre-ordered Gundam Wing DVD although I already have the entire series in
raw Japanese. I'm hoping they would get around to releasing DVD's of some of
the other series.

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