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If you are looking for action only, 0080 is not for you, that's what 0083 is
for. If you are looking for good story, strong characters, 0080 is it.

> It got me thinking, I'm sure Sunrise/Bandai could come up with
> at least an
> 0081/0082 movie or short OVA. I was thinking maybe it could be about the
> grunt MS(GM's, Zaku II's, etc.)? While its minor, there is a hole between
> 0080 and 0083 isn't there? Is there any thing that tells what happened in
> 0081 and 0082?

As other have pointed out, not much happened at 0081 and 0082.

> Now, I will comment more once I watch it all, but I LOVE 0083.
> It has the
> best mecha battles I have ever seen, I finally get to see how
> darn awesome MS
> are! Its got an excellent story, too. Its a got a lighter tone to
> it, without
> making war look fun.

War isn't fun... As for more flashback story, 0085 is actually a good place
to put it. The Titan has just began to become the jackboot thugs that we
all love, and the AEUG is about to be formed.

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