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>Subject: Re: [gundam] MG LIMITATIONS.
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> One more thing, there was this statement about comparisons of the MG Zeta
> PG one back then that stated that the wings were slipping from their
>place in
> the MG version. Is this true? If it is, there goes my thoughts on buying
> Thanks.
> >>
>Oh yeah the MG Zeta is like a ragdoll. The wings go all over the place, so
>it is really hard to pose. And the waverider mode is flimsy too, as again
>the wings flop around. The PG is supposed to have corrected all of these
>problems, but we'll seee when someone here builds one.
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Actually, the wings on my Waverider became pretty stable after I figured out
how the shoulders locked into the wing roots to hold them down. Now, the
legs, THOSE things can't stay up in Waverider if my life depended on it.
But I still love the kit, nonetheless.

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