garrick lee (
Fri, 24 Mar 2000 04:41:17 -0800 (PST)

> I liked 0080's story, but while good, it's mecha
> battles are somewhat
> lacking and are too short. The Kampfer didn't have a
> chance to show what is
> capable of, nor did the Gundam Alex. I like 0080,
> but its my least favorite
> Gundam series and am kind of disappointed in it.

i think you missed the point of 0080.

it's not supposed to be a mecha slugfest, but a
character heavy little story to fill in on the facts
here and there. a story that doesn't get lost in too
many battle scenes.

that the mecha battles were short and sparse in
between made them even more endearing, to me.

> It got me thinking, I'm sure Sunrise/Bandai could
> come up with at least an
> 0081/0082 movie or short OVA. I was thinking maybe
> it could be about the
> grunt MS(GM's, Zaku II's, etc.)? While its minor,
> there is a hole between
> 0080 and 0083 isn't there? Is there any thing that
> tells what happened in
> 0081 and 0082?

doesn't blue destiny fall into this category?

> Now, I will comment more once I watch it all, but
> I LOVE 0083. It has the
> best mecha battles I have ever seen, I finally get
> to see how darn awesome MS
> are! Its got an excellent story, too. Its a got a
> lighter tone to it, without
> making war look fun.

if it's about making war looking unfunny, it's 0080
between the two shows. :P


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