Winn Sevilla (
Fri, 24 Mar 2000 20:42:59 +0800

Its pretty impressive that bandai's coming out with the NU Gundam as an

But there's this 1/100 Nu Gundam Fin Fannel Equipment type that i had.
(Too bad it aint there in my display now... I was pretty irresponsible
back then...)

And it's out in the market as a re-issue.

Im kinda thinking why would bandai send out a MG version of it since
there's also that as a re-issued version of it.
Why jeopardize the sale of that one? Why, the 1/100 Fin Fannel Equipment
type is almost as good as MG quality, it even has metallic parts for the

But comparing the hands of the Fin Fannel Type to the MG versions of the
gundams, i'd be sure they'll improve.

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