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> But, Treize build Epyon for either Zechs or Heero. He tried it, and the
> ZERO system basically tell him that he isn't the chosen one to pilot it.
> Since he can't use Epyon, he will use another version of the best mobile
> suit (not mobile doll) that Oz had ever build, Tallgeese.

if Traize by himself can build a Gundam like the Epyon, if the Epyon
rejected him then he could build another non-Epyon Gundam to match powers
with the other Gundams. the Tallgeese is simply no match to a Wing Zero or
the other upgraded Gundams.

the Oz did not build the Tallgeese, the 5 scientists plus the guy on the
Peacemillion (Howard is it?). they built it as the first prototype mobile
suit, kinda like the Gundam RX-78. then the Leos are the GM, a scaled down
version of the Tallgeese. they basically got hold of the Tallgeese after
Zechs dumped it in space and rebuilt it (my conclusion).

the thing is, from the events in the series, it seems that Gundams are
exclusive technology to the 5 scientists. plus only the 5 scientists
together can make a ZERO system as they did when they made the design and
blueprints of the Wing Zero. and it isn't far off that they did make the
Epyon because they were in Oz captivity at that time.

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