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Rodrick Su said:

> About what ball park number are talking about of
Federation Forces's man
> power? I would imagine that with the amount of
territory they have to
> maintain peace (pretty much every where except Side
3), that the troop
> strength is going to be pretty high.

True. From what I can tell, we only have one indicator
of the Federation and Zeon military's strength. 500
million were killed in action during the battle of
Raum, according to Z's timeline. That's on top of the
2.5 billion colonists killed.

Not sure it really helps, but it gives an idea of where
to start I guess.


>Which end of the
> spectrum does Earth Federation Forces take?
Discounting the cultural
> preservation population, how much of Earth's 1-2
billion are of Elite
> status, and how much of that + non-elite Earth
inhabitant are in the EFF.
> And then there are the colonies. Not counting Side
3, and with Side 6
> declaring neutral (thus forcing Federation to
withdraw it's garrison
> there),
> They have about 6 billion people to draw military
personels from. And
> since
> I don't actually see any kind of dissuasion that
would prevent people not
> of
> Earth, Side 1,2,4,5 to join EFF, we could also be
looking at enlistee from
> lunar city-states and even disgruntal Side 3
citizens. So how many people
> are there in EFF & Zeon Military just at the onset of

Now this begs a discussion of population numbers,
something I recently struggled with when I was creating
random origin tables for my Mekton game.

numbers for the OYW are from 0050 - 11 billion people ,
9 billion of them in space. In 0001 there were 9
billion people, so I assume a rough population growth
of 1 billion people per 25 years, giving us a
population of around 12 billion in 0079.

So here's how my calculations went, based on
modifications to Z's numbers on his page.

Earth - 2 billion
Moon - 1 billion

Now we have 9 billion left for six sides, including
population heavy Side 3 (Side 7 being negligible), the
satellites (Solomon, A Bao A Qu, Luna 2), and asteroid
and Jupiter colonies.

Now, to be honest, I simply dont see a population in
the satellites, asteroids and Jupiter together that
equals that of a Side, at least not until F91 time. I'd
assume more like 200 million or so together. That
leaves 8.8 billion for the sides.

With double population for Side 3's closed colonies,
that leaves roughly 1.25 billion per Side (with 2.5
billion for Side 3). But, now we have a problem.

2.5 billion inhabitants of Side 5 were killed in the
battle of Raum. However you work it, that's way too
many, even if you include the military KIA. Any ideas,
explanations for this, or corrections to my math?

> I know that both side suffered tremedious loss (but
more so on Federation
> side)in terms of military personell. I don't think
Federation got to Side
> 3
> civilian population territory until the middle of
Operation Star One, so
> their civilian casaulity are kind of mimialized
(though emptying out a
> cylander just to make Giren's pet project should
cause all kind of
> heartache). Federation on the other hand suffered
either cylanders emptied
> by poison gas or outright destroyed as collator
damage from use of nukes in
> space. How much of civilian casaulity are there per
Side & Earth... (You
> know, it had just dawn on me that there were NO
report of battles on or
> near
> Lunar colonies, who like Side 6 maintains its
neutrality, so Lunar
> city-states came out pretty much in tack).

Yep, here's how my numbers work out after you subtract

Earth - 1.6 billion after Operation British and
militaryt KIA.

Moon - 0.8 billion after military KIA (both Fed and

Sides 1, 2, 4 - 0.3 billion each after One Week War.

Side 3 - 2.2 billion after military KIA (not too shabby
compared to Earth).

Side 6 - 1.25 billion.

So, what does everyone think?

Neil Baumgardner

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