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>I still kinda curious about this one, especially with regard to 0080. Any
>Mark, others?

It may be that fossil fuels are used in 0080, but 0080 marked a turning
point in the Gundam saga, specifically a turning away from the previous
Tomino (and, bu extension, O'Neill) precepts to a new, updated "retcon"

Beginning with 0080, we get:

o UNT Spacy

o Nazified Zeon

o Real-world sidearms and small arms

o Currency and coinage (Tomino and O'Neill both envisioned a credit economy)

o Retconned MS and spaceships

o Retconned uniforms (Chris' beret and pilot's jacket, etc.)

o De-emphasis of the Newtype

o A new Gundam in every new One Year War story

So, yes, there may be fossil fuels in use in 0080, but they weren't there
in Gundam, Z, ZZ, and CCA....


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