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> which gundam is that? I'm not intimately
> That looks like the RX-78-1, which was mentioned a few times in our
> discussion recently. Its exterior is 99-100% the same as the original
> Gundam RX-78-2 except for colour scheme. Read up on the Gundam Project's
> MS Classic for more details/history.

 I hope the arm pop off is solved for this Gundam. I am very excited about
all the new MSiA's. So those US Gundam Wing figures ARE MSiA's I take it? I
didn't think the Zeta would be transformable, which is fine with me. The MSiA
Zeta looks very nice and should be durable since it doesn't transform.

 I hope eventually we'll see some MSiA's from MSG 0083, maybe some 0080 ones
as well, Kampfer and Gundam Alex come to mind.


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