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>>>>Gundam Mechanics had a surprise for me on page 51. In addition to the
>>>>expected Fly Manta, Medea, Core Booster, Big Tray, Magella Attack, Yukon
>>>>and Mad Angler, there's also a Federation fighter called the Fly Arrow
>>>>(Aero?)! Page 53 sports a cross-section of Luna II.
>>>Could it be the same fighter as the one on page 105 of Gundam Episode
Guide 1
>>>? (The unidentified Federation fighter crash landed on Kukulus Doan's
>>>and was stripped of all weaponry)
>>Someone else will have to compare the two; my Gundam Episode Guides are
>>packed up and will remain so for some time.
>I will describe it for you then...
>It looks like a fat delta wing F16 but with three engines side-by-side in the
>middle, two winglets near the nose cone, two tail fins on either side of the
>engines, which is also connected by an elevator winglet, two fins which
>upwards at an angle from the main wingtips.
>The nose/cockpit area of this aircraft definitely resembles a F16.

That's it: the Fly Arrow or Fly Aero (the katakana could be interpreted
either way).


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