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>> I don't recall this and, since my 0080 tapes and Gundam The OAV Movies
>> books are still packed up (and likely to remain so for some time), I have
>> no way to check it.
>> That being said, what specifically identifies this facility as a fuel
>> refinery? Are there signs that say what it is and what it's refining? Or
>> does it simply look like (presumably because it was modeled on) a fuel
>> refinery.
>Yeah basically. They were big spherical shaped containers that exploded when
>by gunfire. Cant remember any other details right now, but definately had the
>general appearance of a refinery of some sort.
>> I suspect that this facility is there in support of the Ginga STS, but
>> again I have no way to check at this time.
>No, actually it took place during the battle on Lebot colony. The one where
>was shot down.

OK, I think I know what these are -- neighborhood LNG (liquefied natural
gas) or LPG (liquefied propane gas) tanks. I get the impression from
several anime, most notably Rumic World: Fire Tripper, in which the
explosion of same served to propel Suzuko back in time, that these are
quite common facilities that supply gas for cooking and heating to the
"rabbit-warren" housing units.

This is what comes of simply cutting a section of city map and pasting into
the 3.2 kilometer by 30 kilometer strip of a colony "ground" panel. It
completely overlooks the fact that all such facilities would be stored
outside the habitat cylinder, along with the agricultural, industrial and
solar power blocks. The cylinder is a purely residential area, unpolluted
and free of all sources of pollution. If the facilities MUST be co-located
in some fashion, they are stored "underground" -- outside the cylinder,
directly "below" the section of the interior to which they are connected.

So, gas, yes; but gasoline, no.


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