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> Heh, you got those ideas from Episode Zero, right? What I meant was the
> pilots in Wing didn't have this "it's mine, ALL MINE" attitude about
> suits, compared to the original Gundam - no one ever touched Char's
> the Gundam is like Amuro's personal property, to a point where he even
> it with him when he deserted. In Wing, people trade suits here and there
> without making a big deal out of it. Heero was only upset in the
> when Duo salvaged his Wing from the ocean because he didn't know who Duo
> and was concerned that this would compromise his mission.

Char is a commander, if a Zeon soldier pilots his mecha, that soldier is as
good as dead. That is why Char's mechas are colored red to distinguish it
as a commander MS.

same with Amuro. in MS Gundam, no one was qualified to pilot the Gundam. I
remember in the movie when Sayla tried to pilot the Gundam, even though she
is a newtype and Char's sister, she wasn't able to pilot the Gundam as well
as Amuro. but there was a point when Amuro ran out on White Base and Sayla
was assigned the pilot. but of course only Amuro was qualified to pilot the

as for the Nu-Gundam, it was custom made for Amuro. it is designed for
powerful newtypes like Amuro (thus the fin fannels, psycommu).


as for Gundam Wing, Heero and Trowa are the only ones not attached to their
mechas. although all the Wing boys did get to pilot the Wing Zero plus
Zechs, and Heero and Zechs traded MS (Epyon and Wing Zero), Duo, Quattre,
and Wufei are attached to their mechas and wouldn't allow anyone to pilot
their mechas. Deathscythe is the mecha personification of Duo's alter-ego,
the god of death. even without the facts form Episode Zero you can figure
that out from the TV series. about Wufei and Quattre, it is explained in
episode zero. infact, Quattre treats the Sandrock as if it's alive.

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