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> > Of course, even later in the series these five scientists are
> > captives/employees of White Fang, which is at war with OZ. How they got
> from
> > point A to point B is a mystery which may never be solved...
> if I remember correctly, the scientists never left the area (the
> moon base)
> so they are held as captives by whoever faction was occupying the base.
> they were then transported by White Fang to Libra.
> also, I still think the 5 scientists made the Epyon. if Traize can make a
> Gundam, he should have used a Gundam instead of the Tallgeese II to
> challenge Zechs.

But, Treize build Epyon for either Zechs or Heero. He tried it, and the
ZERO system basically tell him that he isn't the chosen one to pilot it.
Since he can't use Epyon, he will use another version of the best mobile
suit (not mobile doll) that Oz had ever build, Tallgeese.

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