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> I see in the time table that the Federation did
> start working on mobile suits in 0078. But my guess
> is that this work would have been carried out at a
> Federation facility, and this seems to rule out Side

> 7 and Tem Ray's participation.
> Also the work being done at this stage was probably
> very very basic MS development. Rodrick Su
> that the Federation captured a Zaku and benefitted
> greatly from reverse engineering. I think that fits
> nicely into this stage since the Federation were
> basically trying to build a MS from scratch without
> any prior knowledge of the technology.
> (snip)
> I would imagine these pre-Operation V, pre-Tem Ray
> MS to be heavily based on the Zaku. It's even
> possible that the Federation started working on the
> three different MS concepts(GunTank, Gun Cannon and
> Gundam) towards the end of pre-Operation V period
> and all Tem Ray had to do was to incorporate his
> ideas into these designs.

Could this Fed MS 'prototype' you've mentioned is
RRF-05 Zani from Pipin's game 'Gundam Tactics' in
which this is essentially a captured Zaku II bashed
with a cruel GM head and some Fed's equipments for
testing? My Gundam Data Collection vol. 13 stated that
Zani was beneficial for Fed's eventual MS development,
so this should fit with Tem Ray and the rest of the
development picture nicely.


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