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CT Chin writes,

> Without going into the specific points in the discussion... It may be
> fair to compare Tem Ray's contribution to the RX project to Oppenheimer's
> contribution to the Manhattan project.

  Sure, but nobody would argue that Oppenheimer had already built a
miniature atom bomb in his garage before the Manhattan Project got started.

  It's perfectly reasonable to credit Tem Ray with a crucial role in the RX
project, but I'm skeptical that he developed all the important technologies
independently as a private citizen, and then gave them to the Federation's
engineers. More likely he was already working on the much-maligned,
long-neglected RX project, and finally got a chance to work his magic after
the One Year War began, when captured enemy mobile suits and buckets of
research funding became available.

Tet writes,

> I would imagine these pre-Operation V, pre-Tem Ray MS to be heavily
> based on the Zaku.

  The Guntank - the oldest of the Operation V designs - was based on little
more than hearsay about the Zaku; knowing only that the Zeons were
developing humanoid war machines of some kind, the Federation came up with a
sort of bastardized tank as a countermeasure.

  I think Rapport Deluxe claimed the Federation didn't get its mitts on an
actual Zaku until 0077 (the year the Guncannon's development started), while
the Giren's Greed cut scenes show the Federation field-testing a captured
Zaku II while the generals decide whether to begin Operation V. (Speaking of
which, the cut scene shows Tem Ray lecturing the generals on the workings of
the captured Zaku.)

> I think this supports my theory by the RGM-79[G] not having a lot of Tem Ray
> developed features.

  The RX-79 and the RGM-79[G] are derived from the RX-78, which Tem Ray
definitely helped create. But they were developed at Jaburo while the RX
prototypes were being tested at Side 7, so it makes sense that other
engineers would take over the design chores.

-- Mark

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