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Tomonaga wrote:
> I don't know, 16000 yen seems still too expensive considering the relatively
> low cost of the other figures and the fact that it doesn't really do much
> except to look awesome. Personally I think it will come under 10000 yen even
> though it's one of the biggest Gundam related product released by Bandai.

Yeah I know, 16000 Yens for an action figure of a bad guy which appeared
in only 1 episode is too much. But 40 cm is freaking huge!

Most of the injection models have been priced proportional to the weight
of the plastic. So at first I tried 4^3 times, but 64000 Yens is crazy.
So I figure for an action figure, the cost maybe proportional to the
surface area (mold design and painting) so I used 4^2. Anyway, it's just
a guess.

I guess I am saying it's incredible that Bandai is putting out a 40cm tall
action figure. The PG Gundam is only 33 cm tall.

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