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Thu, 23 Mar 2000 14:52:34 -0800

>In these pictures, on the row with the red GM, the ball, in the same picture
>as the green
>zaku, which gundam is that?

It's a repaint of the Gundam, the colors (like the Zaku II in the same
picture) match those of the "Real Type" 1/100 scale models released after
Bandai was done with the release of plastic models from the original TV
series and started to try to milk more money from the same molds.

Looks like a money-saving idea never dies. Bandai's up to the same old
trick again with their MSiA line. While they've touched up the Real Type
Gundam and included it in MSV as the RX-78-1 Prototype Gundam (note the
MSiA figure appears to lack the physical details that differentiates it
from the RX-78-2: the foot armor is grilled, and the forearms are armored
differently. The figure looks like a mere repaint without the modified
details), the other Real Type designs did not get the same treatment.

>I'm not intimately familiar with all of the
>designs (not yet
>anyway), and I was under the impression that of the UC storyline, the only
>one with
>a green color scheme, instead of blue was the Nu Gundam ... but in comparing
>that MS
>to my Nu pictures, it seems pretty obvious that its not.
>Someone wanna help me out?

It's supposed to be black, not green.

>And on a more general note, how cool are the MSiA's in general? They seem
>like an
>affordable, yet cool way of amassing Gundams for those of us without mad

They are good for people who are too young to snap parts together, tend to
have their toys knocked off shelves (because of young siblings or friends),
or don't demand much in the ways of proportions and articulation. If you
are serious about Gundam mecha, I'd recommend the models. You never know
when will Bandai pull a MicroGundam on those MSiAs - ending the product
line abruptly and leave the fans hanging.


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