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Tomonaga wrote:
> Mark Simmons wrote:
> > I can't see any evidence indicating that he was the sole, or even the
> > primary, creator of the Gundam. More likely the RX project was like the
> > Manhattan Project - a crash program that harnessed the abilities of a lot
> > of very clever people.
> If you credit Tem Ray with the development of the ideas/components I
> mentioned, and take into accout the fact that the Federation developed
> a crude Zaku type MS on its own, I think it makes quite good sense.
> Once Tem Ray's contributions were added to the MS design, the loss of
> Tem Ray only meant the loss of potential technologies for future MS
> designs. The Federation could happily go on and develop new MS without
> him.

Without going into the specific points in the discussion... It may be
fair to compare Tem Ray's contribution to the RX project to Oppenheimer's
contribution to the Manhattan project.

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