Tomonaga (
Fri, 24 Mar 2000 10:48:04 +1200

Chien Ting Chin wrote:

> [We can have a poll to guess how much the MSIA Bigzam will cost :) My
> guess is 1000 Yens * (40cm/10cm)^3 = 64000 Yens, hmm that's too much
> let's try 1000 * (40/10)^2 = 16000 Yens, yeah that's my guess.]

I don't know, 16000 yen seems still too expensive considering the relatively
low cost of the other figures and the fact that it doesn't really do much
except to look awesome. Personally I think it will come under 10000 yen even
though it's one of the biggest Gundam related product released by Bandai.


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