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Mark Simmons wrote:

> Test writes,
> >It seems amazing that the Zeons took years to develop MS to the point of Zaku
> >II, and Tem Ray managed to build a better MS from scratch in three months.
> I dunno about that - the RX project began a year earlier, based on
> rumors about Zeon's new weapons, and the model numbers of the Guntank and
> Guncannon suggest that they were conceived of even earlier.

I see in the time table that the Federation did start working on mobile suits in
0078. But my guess is that this work would have been carried out at a Federation
facility, and this seems to rule out Side 7 and Tem Ray's participation.

Also the work being done at this stage was probably very very basic MS
development. Rodrick Su mentioned that the Federation captured a Zaku and
benefitted greatly from reverse engineering. I think that fits nicely into this
stage since the Federation were basically trying to build a MS from scratch
without any prior knowledge of the technology.

My belief is that the start of Operation V brought in Tem Ray and I am pretty
certain the Gun Tank, Gun Cannon, and Gundam were developed simultaneously despite
the model numbers suggesting the years of development.

In books that I have read, Tem Ray was not only in charge of the Gun Tank, Gun
Cannon and Gundam project but he was personally responsible for the integral
components of these MS. That is to say he is credited with developing the Core
Block system, the fuzzy logic piloting computer system, the new more powerful
generator/reactor, and the weapon system including the beam weapons. I think it
fits nicely to say that he developed these ideas/components indepently at his
Side 7 facility many years prior to 0078.

> It's just
> that the Federation didn't get _serious_ about mobile suit development
> until the launch of Operation V, in April of UC 0079. Some recent books,
> like the 08th MS Team Data Collection, discuss the issue of pre-Operation
> V mobile suit development at considerable length.

'officially' I guess these would have been developed after March 0078 and before
April 0079 and as long as these MS don't have the Tem Ray components in them, then
it fits nicely with my theory. If they have them then that means Tem Ray was
working for the Federation right from the start and maybe he basically left Amuro
to fend for himself?

I would imagine these pre-Operation V, pre-Tem Ray MS to be heavily based on the
Zaku. It's even possible that the Federation started working on the three
different MS concepts(GunTank, Gun Cannon and Gundam) towards the end of
pre-Operation V period and all Tem Ray had to do was to incorporate his ideas
into these designs.

> I'd also be cautious about giving too much credit to Tem Ray,
> considering that the Federation seems to get along just fine without him.
> I can't see any evidence indicating that he was the sole, or even the
> primary, creator of the Gundam. More likely the RX project was like the
> Manhattan Project - a crash program that harnessed the abilities of a lot
> of very clever people.

If you credit Tem Ray with the development of the ideas/components I mentioned,
and take into accout the fact that the Federation developed a crude Zaku type MS
on its own, I think it makes quite good sense. Once Tem Ray's contributions were
added to the MS design, the loss of Tem Ray only meant the loss of potential
technologies for future MS designs. The Federation could happily go on and develop
new MS without him.

> (Among them, apparently, Blue Destiny's Alph Chamra - he's credited in
> the novelization as the designer of the RGM-79[G].)

I think this supports my theory by the RGM-79[G] not having a lot of Tem Ray
developed features. But the existence common features such as the computer/control
system is perfectly understandable in the way that all cars/aircraft etc
basically share the same control systems etc...


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