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Tomonaga wrote:
> And to CT Chin, did you notice the new Gundam simulation board game ? It
> looks like the game pieces contain a microchip which handles all the
> attack/defend/move processes.

Yeah... Just didn't want to say all the obvious things :) But now that
you started it... It says it's a new game "DigibordMission" (sic)
scheduled for summer release. The board looks electronic for sure, don't
know about the microchip in pieces. There are 2 cardboard cutouts of
claws moving pieces, but it doesn't look like the game has real
manipulators. But those cutouts suggest this game has an AI so the player
can play against the computer. (also notice G Generation game on a
handheld Playstation thing with infrared-conducted head-to-head mode)

Anyway, it looks prettier (painted pieces) and more fun than Gasphon Duel.
But I still want GUNDAM SIMULATION!!!

[We can have a poll to guess how much the MSIA Bigzam will cost :) My
guess is 1000 Yens * (40cm/10cm)^3 = 64000 Yens, hmm that's too much
let's try 1000 * (40/10)^2 = 16000 Yens, yeah that's my guess.]

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