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Aaron writes,

> So he rebuilt the Wing, then? Because Zechs has what's left of the Wing and
> he made a comment about building something.

  After Heero self-destructs the Wing Gundam, Zechs rebuilds it pretty much
as it was, and gives it back to Heero so they can finish their duel. The
Wing Zero shows up a dozen episodes later. As for the origins of the Wing
Gundam Zero...


  The Wing Gundam Zero was designed 15 years earlier by the mad scientists
who built the five Gundams. It was never actually built, but each scientist
used the blueprints as a template for his own Gundam design. Midway through
the TV series, Quatre finds these blueprints and uses them to construct, at
last, the almighty Wing Zero.

  As for the Epyon: Officially it was created by Treize, but this always
sounded rather suspicious (especially since it has its own Zero System). I
note that, after OZ splits into two factions midway through the series - one
loyal to the Romefeller Foundation, the other to the deposed Treize - the
scientists are rescued from the moon base by soldiers of the Treize faction.
Maybe they did their rescuers a few favors, hmmm?

  Of course, even later in the series these five scientists are
captives/employees of White Fang, which is at war with OZ. How they got from
point A to point B is a mystery which may never be solved...

-- Mark

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