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A 40cm tall Bigzam. Wild! So I guess both Bigzam and Zeta will be in the
same scale as the rest of MSIA. (hmm, it should work pretty well with the
1/144 Gundam, Corebooster/G-Armor to recreate Dozul's death scene, wow!)

Nicholas Paufler wrote:
> In these pictures, on the row with the red GM, the ball, in the same
> picture as the green zaku, which gundam is that? I'm not intimately

That looks like the RX-78-1, which was mentioned a few times in our
discussion recently. Its exterior is 99-100% the same as the original
Gundam RX-78-2 except for colour scheme. Read up on the Gundam Project's
MS Classic for more details/history.

> help me out? And on a more general note, how cool are the MSiA's in
> general? They seem like an affordable, yet cool way of amassing

They should suit your needs.

> Gundams for those of us without mad modelling skillz.

But you don't need any "mad" modelling skills to do the last 90s early 00s
kits. If you stick to 08MST, HG, and HGUC, you can get them for average
price around 800-1000 Yens. You get bigger models (1/144 vs 1/170), more
variety and the satisfation of building them yourself.

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